Tools of the trade


Date: 10/15/2013
Location: Pemaquid, Maine
Title: Tools of the trade

Photographs are the mirror of human experience and emotions. Traveling to Maine is always a worthwhile one. The opportunity to commune with Mother Nature and the delight of going back to the basics and essentials in life is beyond any price. When one visits Maine, there are a lot of amazing things to indulge with to make your trip a memorable one.

Traveling and food delights go hand in hand. One of the most famous dishes being offered around Maine is lobster. This fine art image was captured on a lobstermen shack around Maine offering the best tasting lobster there is. For those who would explore while waiting for their monstrous lobster meal, grabbing a camera and capture snap shots of the gorgeous sunsets or the azure horizons is a perfect way to end a long day.

Lobsters are considered as the major players in the economy of Maine. It was said that in 2012, the harvested lobsters exceeded 126 million pounds and was able to generate 338 million dollars in dock or ex-vessel value. With over 5,900 licensed and qualified lobster harvesters and a wide array of marine outfitters, retailers, processors, dealers and restaurants, lobster is one of the vital components of the fishing industry. This in the state of Maine has sustained the villages and communities around it through the years.

This picture of lobster buoys  hanging on lobstermen shack is would make a rustic addition to a home or office interiors. The rugged look of this image is a nice addition to the boy’s room or a crafty piece to add in a vacation house. It will be a creative addition to any empty space you want to brighten up.


Wave breakers


Date: 05/31/2013

Location: Depoe Bay,Oregon

Title: Wave breakers

Images of bodies of water can convey a wide array of emotions and feelings. The element of water is all about calmness, serenity, chaos and peace all at the same time. By looking at this photo taken right off Depoe Bay in Oregon, one can be awed of the immensity of Mother Nature. That sweet melancholy and silent reminisces that comes along with this powerful image of the Depoe Bay.

This is a perfect outdoor photo is a credible reminder of how nature can make us feel. A wide array of positive and negative insight of emptiness, cold, loneliness and vagueness can be experienced upon seeing this image of Depoe Bay. One of the most beguiling features of outdoor photography is the ability of the photos to bring audience into a different world and dimension.

Depoe Bay has been shaped and carved by nature and the power forces and elements. It has been known to be the smallest navigable harbor in the world. The panoramic views right off Depoe Bay has inspire a lot of outdoor photographers to spend time with this amazing venue for an adventure photo shoot. The beautiful ocean view will offer a lot of opportunities for aspiring photographers to capture a snapshot which they can be proud of.

Last step into unknown


Date: 05/31/2013

Location: Cape Kiwanda Beach, Pacific City, Oregon

Pictures can speak a lot about creativity, emotions and beauty. This image captured right off Cape Kiwanda conveys a strong sense of vagueness. Upon looking at the image, you will soon discover a world of endless anonymity. The picture is almost like an aerial shot which captured the movement of the ways and the dynamics of the elements in nature. The rocks appear so detailed and its texture is definitely precise. There is a this different feeling of stepping into an unfamiliar place where unusual things and people might come your way. One will definitely think how the photographer managed to capture such amazing shot of the ocean, rocks and waves in all its randomness.

Cape Kiwanda has been one of the most famous tourist destinations in Oregon. This is a coastal area where a breathtaking view of the ocean can mystify visitors. Pacific City, Oregon is home for the Three Capes Scenic Route which includes Cape Kiwanda and Cape Lookout as well as Cape Meares.
Take the time to hike up to the top of Cape Kiwanda and you will have a panaromic view of the Nestucca Bay which is situated in the southern part and the northern area will give you an awesome view of Cape Lookout. Bring your camera with you to capture amazing photos.

While at Cape Kiwanda, take the time to explore the shores. You might be surprised with the marine life that you will meet after the high tide. Look thought tide pools and your camera will feast on the beautiful creatures under the deep blue sea.

Markers of ethereal void


Date: 05/31/2013

Location: Cape Kiwanda Beach, Pacific City, Oregon

Looking into pictures can definitely influence how we feel and how we look into things. This image of Cape Kiwnada Beach reminds me of serenity and calm. What can be more soothing than an image of a placid body of water? For those who are really interested about adventure photography, Oregon has a lot of things to offer. Cape Kiwanda is one of the most notable venues for photographers who would want to capture gorgeous images while they savor the beauty of Mother Nature.

Cape Kiwanda is located right at the heart of Pacific City. This is also one of the most favored tourist destinations off the Oregon coast. This is a mecca for photography adventure seekers as Pacific City has been blessed with the most scenic and diverse landscapes in the entire Oregon state.  Take a quick hike up to Cape Kiwanda and you will surely have glimpse of the magnificent view of the ocean. The crushing waves on a windy day can definitely stir a sense of chaos and commotion. However, on a calmer day, the ocean is a still mirror of the beauty around it.

For those who are looking for some fun after a long day of photography session, you can definitely experience the Pelican Pub which offers the Indian Pelican Ale. Spend some time at this place to doze off and chill after a tiresome photography action.